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$3.50 item Aldi fans raving about

1 week ago 6

Who knew a $3.50 dip could cause so much mayhem — but there’s a good reason.

Ever since Aldi fans discovered just how versatile the Mediterranean Delite dip is, the budget item has been stripped off shelves.

Garlic lovers have bombarded social media with snaps and simple recipes revealing just how good the (garlic) dip is on everything from pizza bases to salad dressings.

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One woman who is a member of the popular Facebook group Aldi Fans Australia said she decided to join the “bandwagon” and buy the garlic dip for her potato bake dinner.

“Omg this is going to be amazing,” she wrote alongside the images.

To make the dish, she whisked one tablespoon of the garlic dip with half a cup of cream and cheese and poured the mixture over the potatoes before baking it in the oven.

She was extremely happy with the end result and said her next attempt will be garlic prawns using the $3.50 dip.

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Another woman revealed her favourite use for the $3.50 dip is to make ‘smashed potato balls’.

She heats up one bag of microwavable potatoes (as per instructions), then smashes them with a fork before coating them in the garlic dip.

“I then throw them into the airfryer or oven until golden brown,” she said in the Facebook group Aldi Mums.

“I could eat this whole tray by itself but tody I am serving them with green beans, pork chops and homemade apple sauce.”

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Another savvy Aldi customer attracted almost 2,000 likes for her simple yet satisfying use of the garlic dip.

She was feeling peckish one night and decided to layer on a generous amount of the dip to a slice of bread.

“Don’t know if this has been done before but felt like a late night naughty snack,” she wrote.

“So garlic dip spread generously on a slice of bread, then topped with cheese and put under the grill … mmm mini garlic cheesy pizza bread. Give it a try,” she encouraged Aldi Mums members.


Also posting to Aldi Mums, one woman said she jumped on the garlic dip bandwagon by using it on soft Turkish bread along with shredded pizza cheese.

“OMG! I can never eat anything else with my pizza ever again! So much cheesy, garlicy deliciousness,” she wrote while sharing a picture of her tasty concoction.

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A mum was so happy with her creation she struggled to save any for her partner. She used it as a pizza base.

“OK, so I made this garlic pizza with garlic dip. The problem is, me and my toddler have eaten half and I’ve saved the other half for my beautiful partner for when he gets home from work,” she wrote in Aldi Mums.

“How do I not eat the rest of this while waiting for him. Does he even have to know this existed?

“Omg … it’s amazing. I did buy enough ingredients to make two, maybe I can make another.”


It seems there are more ways to use the $3.50 product than you would have imagined.

“Another garlic dip post,” one woman simple captioned her creation.

To make the garlic scrolls, she used puff pastry, the dip (of course), grated cheese, brown onion and diced up some bacon. She then rolled it up, cut it and put it in the over to bake.

The final result should be a crunchy, golden brown scroll.


And just when you thought, surely no more recipes, another customer comes out with bread cubes coated with the dip.

“I know everyone is doing stuff with the garlic dip, but I just wanted to add how I used mine,” she said in the Aldi Mums Facebook group.

“I had some few day old bread rolls, cut in half and spread with the garlic dip. Cut them into squares and drizzled with olive oil and cooked for 10 or so minutes to make croutons.

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