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$49 Kmart item with hundreds of reviews

2 weeks ago 9

It’s safe to say that one of the most disliked household chores is ironing.

The tedious task often involves a laborious set-up, not to mention a pile of clothes that never seems to get any smaller.

But fear no more as Aussies have discovered an affordable steamer they have branded as “life-changing” — Kmart Australia’s $49 garment steamer — which has attracted 49 pages of mostly 5-star reviews.

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“This is so worth buying! If you are sick of ironing or dislike ironing then this will change your life! So easy to use. Highly recommend this,” one satisfied customer wrote online.

“This product is fantastic. Easy to put together, does exactly what it’s meant to and stores away easily,” wrote another, while a third person said she was “pleasantly surprised at how efficient” it is.

On its website Kmart claims the steamer smooths out creases on garments “quickly”, providing customers with 50 minutes of continuous steam.

It comes complete with a removable 1.65-litre water tank with water level indicator, steaming board, glove, fabric brush, press for pants, rack and a telescopic pole.

“I’ve had mine for a little while now and have basically not used the ironing board since,” one woman said.

“Fast to heat up, can steam quite a few garments with one tank of water. Very happy with the purchase.”

While it has received rave reviews, one woman pointed out that it did take “a bit of getting used to”.

“I had been looking at one of these for a while but didn’t want to spend a lot so this is great but … it’s not as fast as I imagined so you need to go over a few times,” she wrote in the reviews section.

“I have learnt it works best with garments hanging together – so you have something behind the garment you are steaming to stabilise it. Hope that makes sense,” she said, adding that she still recommends the $49 product.

Others have “thrown away their regular iron” in favour of the steamer, which has a 12-month warranty.

For those who prefer a handheld version, Kmart is selling an “easier to store” steamer for $35 with a smaller water tank.

“My smaller hand held device is so good it will even clean suede boots,” one person wrote online.

According to consumer advocacy group CHOICE, garment steamers are much gentler on fragile fabrics than irons.

“If you’ve spent a fair bit of money on your wardrobe, or have lots of delicate or vintage clothes, a steamer may be a small price to pay to help you take better care of your nice things,” it states on its website, adding it’s “because there’s no pressure applied to the fabric fibres, as there is with irons and steam stations”.

“They’re not just limited to the wrinkles in your wardrobe either – you can use garment steamers on upholstery and soft furnishings, rugs and even curtains.”

The steam can also reduce odours lingering on these items, the site states.

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