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$79 Kmart item heats water in 3 seconds

1 month ago 17

There’s a reason Kmart lovers are substituting kettles for this “instant hot water” machine.

In short, the $79 product takes just three to five seconds to boil two litres of water, a lot less time it takes for its fellow kitchen item.

And if something saves times, and ultimately money, you can always rely on Kmart shoppers to dish the dirt.

Since the gadget hit shelves in-store and online this week, fans of the product have flooded social media with rave reviews.

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“Jumped on the instant hot water dispenser bandwagon! I’m loving it,” one woman declared.

“Goodbye kettle and the waiting,” a second person wrote.

“Mine is on its way,” another excited shopper added.

The item comes with three pour capacity options — 150ml, 230ml or 300ml — and

variable temperature settings including 25 degrees, 75 degrees and 98 degrees.

It also retails for a lot less than similar high-end versions such as Westinghouse’s 2.7L dispenser for $189.

The Kmart item pumps out roughly 6ml of water per second and has a child-proof safety lock to prevent kids from turning it on.

According to its product description, it gets “instant hot water in no time”, which appears to be the product’s most appealing feature.

“This is what you should have got (for the office)! Can’t say I love waiting 20 hours for the work kettle to boil,” one woman wrote online tagging her colleague.

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“This looks amazing! I just ordered one, hate my kettle,” a second person commented.

“I’m always amazed at the things Kmart comes up with. Take my money!” a third person added.

Some argued a coffee machine does the same job, however others disagreed, saying the item’s different settings is what makes it “hotter” and “faster”.

“It’s definitely hotter than the coffee machines. Highest temp on the machine is 95 and lowest 25,” one woman pointed out.

The item also retails for a lot less than similar high-end versions such as Westinghouse’s 2.7L dispenser. At $189, it reaches 100 degrees in under seconds and also comes with adjustable temperature controls.

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