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$99 Dyson vacuum cleaner dupe set to hit shelves

1 month ago 16

Dyson vacuums are one of those household items we all want, but sadly can’t always afford thanks to the bougie price tags.

Which could be why shoppers have got excited over a cordless stick vac after it was revealed as part of the store’s September 5 “Special Buys”.

The two-in-one cordless vacuum cleaner is on offer for $99.99 – and one shopper has sparked mass excitement over the budget device after pointing out it “looks very similar to my Dyson V7” in the popular Facebook group Simple Savers.

The Dyson version usually sells for $399.

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Others commented on the post, stating they had bought it at the German supermarket in the past and it “picks up extra stuff” her Dyson stick misses, adding it also “fluffs up” her carpet.

“I bought one last year and it was great,” another said.

However another shopper pointed out that just because it “looks like a Dyson, doesn’t mean it’s similar”.


Aldi’s “Easy Home” cordless device features up to 22 minutes run-time on full speed or 35 minutes on low. This compares favourably with the Dyson model, which comes with 30 minutes run-time.

It can be used upright or transformed into a handheld device to make vacuuming easier around the house or car.

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Also on sale on the same day is the popular Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 robot vacuum, which sold out in 10 seconds last year, and a range of other homewares items such as irons and sewing machines.

The robot vac will return priced at $399, much cheaper than other types of 2-in-1 vac and mop which can cost upwards of $899. The Aldi sale caused chaos last year as people clambered to snag one.

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“So the robot will not go into certain rooms/spaces – obviously very beneficial if you can’t separate rooms to close doors like large open-plan homes,” Tammy, who runs the dedicated Instagram Aldi page, Aldiloversau, wrote online.

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She also revealed it takes four hours to fully charge, with a running time of 95 minutes.

Aldi’s cheapest vacuum cleaner starts at just $29.99, with up to 20 minutes run-time.

Other cleaning items on sale include a $29.99 ‘tornado’ mop and bucket, $9.99 broom and dustpan, $7.99 window cleaning kit, and a $16.99 supersonic brush that promises to cut scrubbing time by 75 per cent.

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