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Aldi chocolate branded ‘better than ‘Cadbury’

1 month ago 27

Cadbury is often deemed as the “Godfather of all chocolates”, but it could soon be knocked off its pedastoole following a bold claim by Aldi lovers.

Fans of the German discount store have recently flooded social media branding its range of chocolates as their “best kept secret”.

“I think it’s like a little secret that Aldi has the best chocolate ever and this is a dupe for Bueno – yum!” TikTok star Merna said in a video about the store’s Liviano Hazlenut Creme bars.

Her post has since attracted more than 132,000 views with most of her followers agreeing that Aldi does indeed have “the best chocolate ever”.

But it’s not the only hazelnut-flavoured bar causing a frenzy online.

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One shopper has compared the new $2.99 Choceur Hazelnut Creme to a Cadbury favourite.

“Better than Cadbury Marble and those old school seashell chocolates,” the Aldi fan wrote on Instagram.

“Thanks Aldi for having the best chocolate.”

The pack comes with five mini chocolate bars and according to Aldi’s website, the creamy milk chocolate is filled with a “delicious hazelnut crème”.

“Everyone agrees that Aldi chocolate is the best kept secret,” she told

The 200g pack of chocolates also happen to be 50c cheaper than its named rival, Cadbury Marble, making for an even sweeter purchase.

While there’s exactly 19 other flavours to choose from, including white chocolate, marzipan, almond and more recently salted pretzel which too attracted thousands of comments online — fans can’t seem to get enough of the store’s hazelnut flavours.

In 2018, the Liviano bar ($2.49) featured in Aldi’s Product of the Year list due its popularity among customers.

Similarly to Kinder Bueno, the Aldi dupe bars are individually packaged but shoppers can purchase a 150 gram packet of seven for just $2.49.

Compared to Bueno that often sell their bars for $1 each, the Aldi replica comes to only 35 cents per bar.

“Yes the chocolate at Aldi is a must! Literally the only chocolate we buy is from Aldi,” one fan wrote online.

“I get that Liviano almost weekly, it’s the best!”

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