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Aussie mum’s ‘genius’ birthday gift

1 month ago 20

Hundreds of parents across the nation have been left impressed after an Aussie mum shared the clever DIY gift she came up with for her son’s 18th birthday.

The gift was dubbed “genius” after the woman posted photos of it – a Kmart noticeboard arranged with five different gift cards and a message for each – on social media.

“Happy 18th Caylan,” the note read.

“Treat yourself to something for the road untravelled, for your car or fishing. Enjoy now you’re 18 and legal but get home safe. Love Dad, Alicia and Ava.”

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Fixed next to each part of the message was a different gift card, giving the teen freedom of choice on how to spend his birthday money: a MasterCard debit card, and gift cards for Coles, Rebel Sport (among other brands), Liquorland and Uber.

Other parents were quick to compliment the gift, commending the mum on thinking outside the box.

“That’s very cool. Great idea Hun I might just copy it,” one woman wrote on Facebook.

Another wrote the gift was “the best”, adding they’d “taken a picture of your design so I can try and do the same”.

“Fantastic idea,” a third added. “Beautifully put together and well thought out.”

Other parents commented the gift would be especially good for nieces and nephews, or other relatives whose tastes you’re not entirely sure about.

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