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Bach star Zoe-Clare hasn’t always been a redhead

1 month ago 17

She’s the loud and proud redhead who broke down in tears during The Bachelor premiere because she felt her “ranga” locks made her “invisible”.

But despite going on an impassioned rant about the fact she’d never change her natural hair colour, it seems Zoe-Clare McDonald hasn’t always been a redhead.

Photos have emerged of the Bachelor star – who is currently fighting it out against 20 other women for Locky Gilbert’s heart – showing she was once blonde.

In fact, she had lightened tresses not too long ago, with some snaps showing off her different look dated May 2018.

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A fresh-faced photo, in which Zoe-Clare appears not to be wearing a top, shows the 23-year-old’s lighter hair colour in all its glory.

Another snap taken inside an activewear store shows the Queensland native posing with a huge bunch of red roses, her blonde locks on full display.

She’s also shared a bikini snap in the past in which her blonde hair can be seen blowing in the wind while she poses in black G-string swimmers.

There’s no denying she’s a natural redhead, with childhood snaps shared in several saved Instagram Stories showing her hair colour matched the fiery woman Australia saw on the Channel 10 show last night.

But the blonde phase, which appears to have lasted from early 2018 to March 2019, is sure to surprise many after Zoe-Clare became a viral meme for her dedication to the red hair cause.

Her lengthy speech about her long locks began after being interrupted by fellow contestant Areeba during a one-on-one chat with Locky, in which she broke down in tears to the camera, claiming she was being bullied for her complexion.

She said: “I don’t want to go through this experience being different because of the colour of my goddamn hair, and that sucks. It’s the colour of my complexion.”

While Areeba had not been captured on camera making any comments about Zoe-Clare’s hair throughout the episode, it didn’t stop her from sharing her views.

“Would Areeba do it to any of the blonde girls, any of the brunette girls? No,” she said. “You know what, I’m proud of being a ranga, I will be a ranga until the day I die. We are more striking than any other human that walks this Earth.”

“You don’t have our blue eyes or our green eyes that can literally stop traffic,” she continued.

“You sure as sh*t don’t have our hair. The way that people treat men and women with red hair needs to end right now.”

As a result of her speech, Twitter blew up.

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