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Bored mum dates man and his wife

1 month ago 31

A mum-of-four who became so bored of her monogamous relationship with her husband began dating a man and his wife.

Emma Fedigan, 37, had been open about her sexuality to husband of 16 years, Robert Fedigan, 39, since they got together at 21, telling him she was “pansexual” which is the term for someone who is “not limited in sexual choice with regard to biological sex, gender, or gender identity”.

But the mum had never had chance to explore her desires as she was busy raising her four sons.

However, three years ago the healthcare professional and her health and safety adviser husband, Robert, decided to plunge back into the dating world where they met fellow married couple Simon Berry, 43, and his partner Kelly, 42.

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They were all dating each other, except for the men, Rob and Simon.

Emma and Robert quickly hit it off with Kelly, while Emma also developed a relationship with Simon.

“I’m in a very loving relationship with Simon and me and Rob have been married since 2006,” Emma from Perth explained.

“Rob is my best mate and I couldn’t do life without him, but it’s unfair to expect our partners to fill every single one of our needs.

“Love is infinite. It does not end with one person.”

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The Aussie mum added that her four boys also adore Simon.

“He does school runs for them and helps parent. They call him a ‘sparent’.”

Simon and Kelly, who have been together since they were 16, first met Rob and Emma in 2017 after becoming disillusioned with the Perth swinging scene and explored polyamory as a way of seeking out more meaningful connections.

But the quadruple group’s relationship ended in November last year due to communication difficulties between Emma and Kelly.

Initially Emma broke-up with both Kelly and Simon, but Emma and Simon managed to salvage their relationship after a last-minute, honest chat.

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“I wasn’t willing to let my relationship with Emma go without fighting for it, knowing that communication is key after a week I said, ‘We need to catch up’,” Simon explained.

While they ended up staying together, Simon said jealously is an “issue”.

“It’s just an emotion and you have to deal with it by talking,” he said.

“The benefits are the same in any relationship, intimacy obviously, but it’s nice to have another person to share interests with.”

He said one person can’t fulfil everything. “It’s silly to think they can.”

“Me and Emma had a connection from the start and Rob and me are mates,” Simon said.

“He works away for two weeks and is back at the house for one week.

“If he is home I will come round for dinner and sleep on the couch and if he’s not there I will sleep with Em.”

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Rob, who is of Turkish background, told his father and stepmum about his unique home situation in December 2017.

“I was quite nervous because she (stepmum) speaks her mind. She charmed in ‘it’s weird, but it’s okay. It’s whatever makes you happy’.”

Despite most friends and relatives supporting their venture into polyamory, some of Emma’s family has disapproved of her unorthodox lifestyle and she has since chosen to distance herself from them.

And while Simon and Emma have no plans of having any children of their own, the mum-of-four has said the option isn’t completely off the cards.

“If I fell pregnant with Simon, I wouldn’t have an issue with it,” Emma said.

“We’d have to speak about the logistics of it though.

“I love giving birth and having babies and caring for them – but babies grow up.”

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