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Bride filmed in wedding day brawl speaks out

2 weeks ago 9

A wedding has turned into carnage with a bride filmed brawling in her gown claiming she was trying to stop strangers from ruining her special day.

In a now viral video uploaded to Reddit over the weekend, Zoe Dallimore, 31, could be seen wrestling a man on the ground of a rugby park just outside the venue of her reception in South Wales, UK.

It begins with a woman laying face down on a pavement before the camera pans to the bride trying to stop a man from getting up as a female voice could be heard yelling, “Can someone please phone the police?”

Another man then intervenes, taking over from the bride, and begins rumbling with the stranger.

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Three others walk over before the man gets up, leaving the stranger who appears to be unresponsive on the ground.

The group including the bride then walk off while a man wearing a red jumper stays to assess the stranger left laying on the ground.

Ms Dallimore said not all is as it appears in the footage and that she was “mortified” to learn the video went viral in an interview with The Sun.

Living just 10 minutes from the venue, the pair decided to walk home after their reception and stumbled across a group of people having an argument.

She said she and new husband David, 31, had tried to break-up the argument that had broken out just outside their reception around 10.30pm.

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The people involved, including the man who filmed the footage, had been inside the “private” bar area where her reception took place but weren’t with her wedding party and were strangers.

“I still don’t know who they were or what they were quarrelling about but I didn’t want anything to spoil our great day so I walked over and told them to calm down,” she told the publication, adding they had not been invited.

“They shouldn’t have been there and they have wrecked the biggest day of my life.”

While the video shows her grappling with someone on the ground, Ms Dallimore said she didn’t throw any punches or get punched.

“One of our friends did fall to the ground because she’d had a bit to drink and the velcro strap on her shoe got caught, but she wasn’t fighting either.”

Ms Dallimore said she was so upset by the video that she and David cut their honeymoon short over the weekend.

She said she has tried to make light of the situation, joking, “Just call me ‘Bridezilla’.”

“My friends have been kind. They ring me up and say they know I’m not a troublemaker and I try to laugh it off by telling them: ‘Just call me ‘Bridezilla’ from now on.’

But the bride said deep down she was “devastated”.

The venue, Penlan RFC, has since taken to Facebook explaining police were called and “had the people removed and the injured people got attention”.

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“We are aware of a video being circulated from last night at the club, after a wedding party ended there was a fight outside the club,” a statement from the club said.

“It was a private function and no one affiliated with the club were involved.

“This behaviour can cause life changing injuries. We are lucky we have such good members who have assisted with clean up today.”

The statement concluded by saying that the club hopes “everyone who attended is safe because the behaviour/fighting was completely unacceptable and dangerous”.

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