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Catherine Van-Davies’ familiar role

1 month ago 24

At a time where a lack of diversity on our screens is being called out, SBS will next week premiere the new Australian supernatural thriller, Hungry Ghosts, which features more than 40 Asian-Australian actors in the cast.

Catherine Van-Davies stars in the four-part drama series set in Melbourne during the Hungry Ghosts festival. Celebrated by Chinese communities around the world, it’s said that ghosts of ancestors roam the earth on the first day of the seventh month in the lunar calendar. Catherine, whose own mother escaped Vietnam during the war, says Hungry Ghosts is a “universal story of grief and dealing with the past”.

“I’m second generation Australian, and growing up my mum never spoke about her past,” Catherine says.

“She left when she was 18 — now I have the beauty of seeing Vietnam thorough her teenage eyes.

“I’m really excited about mum seeing Hungry Ghosts. Even though it involves trauma, our history also has something to celebrate and embrace too.

“Her opinion is something I anticipate the most, and I think she would definitely be proud of seeing her culture represented.”

Iceland picture: I was doing an artist residency in Finland and Fayssal joined me for a holiday to take advantage of being in that part of the world. You can’t take a bad photo in Iceland.

Books: There’s a mix of local and international authors here. I love books — they were my first access to storytelling. During isolation, books have given me great comfort.

Turtle: His name is Octavian and he is 11½ years old. Reptiles are meant to be in their own world, but he comes and rests on us. He’s so sweet and defies all definitions of a reptile. If we do things right, he’ll live as long as us.

Telescope: I am obsessed with the universe and the cosmos. There is something deeply humbling and quite freeing to look up and realise you are a tiny part of the universe but you can have a big impact.

Canon camera: This has travelled the world with me and has been my reliable travel buddy. Vietnam has been my favourite place to photograph. When the borders eventually open, I look forward to many more adventures.

Plant cosie: This was made by a friend of mine (@rosies—plant — cosies). She’s a performance artist, but through COVID she has been making these with eco yarns. She’s even made one of the female anatomy.

Partner actor Fayssal Bazzi: We have been together for about 6½ years and we moved in together at the six-year mark. We are very compatible, which is why living together in such a small apartment works.

Edgeley dress: We have so many incredible Australian artists. One of my favourite is Melbourne designer Alice Edgeley. Her collection is fun and elegant, which is perfect for performers.

Records: I love records. I listen to lots of music on my phone, but there’s a sense of intention when you put a record on. You sit with the music, you don’t flick through the tracks.

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