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‘Cocaine Cassie’ is selling nudes to men in Australia

1 month ago 17

Australian drug smuggler Cassandra “Cocaine Cassie” Sainsbury is reportedly selling nudes for cash after being released early from her six-year jail sentence in Colombia for drug smuggling.

A provocative photo of the 25-year-old has emerged, showing her lying on a bed, a black G-string pulled high on her waist and her top pulled up.

While her face isn’t visible, Sainsbury’s distinctive flower tattoo that snakes her right hip and torso is on display.

After being released in April after serving less than three years of her six-year sentence due to coronavirus-related complications at her Bogota prison, Sainsbury had set her sights on becoming a translator.

But the former personal trainer from Adelaide has been reduced to selling explicit images of herself after “falling on hard times” according to The Herald Sun.

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The outlet reported Sainsbury had agreed to send a man in Australia risqué photos and calls for $400 a week.

In June she wrote on Facebook she was struggling for work due to visa complications.

But it seems she has been passing the time in the country’s lockdown by joining the popular social media platform TikTok. While her account is set to private, her videos are being shared by an external web viewer and show Sainsbury messing around with friends and sharing videos with the hashtags #gay #lesbian and #girls.

Sainsbury was caught with 5.8kg of cocaine concealed in headphones in her suitcase as she attempted to leave Colombia in 2017.

She’s long claimed she attempted the drug bust under duress, but has never been able to provide evidence of this, claiming she has forgotten the password to a phone she said holds proof.

After being released in April, she maintained she still doesn’t remember the password in an interview with 60 Minutes, a detail that has long been ridiculed since it emerged during her 2018 interview with the program.

Sainsbury – who met her Venezuelan girlfriend Joli Pico, 29 in prison – also claimed in her Skype interview with Liam Bartlett that she was ‘raped by the drug mastermind’ before her arrest.

Recounting the days leading up to her arrest, Sainsbury said she checked into a local hotel where she met a 39-year-old Brazilian drug dealer she refers to as “Angelo”.

In the days that followed, he took her to his apartment where Sainsbury claims her drink was spiked before she was sexually assaulted.

“He was saying that I had to be there with him, that I had to do what he wanted, that I didn’t have a choice,” she told 60 Minutes reporter Liam Bartlett via Skype.

“And then it was, he gave me a drink. And it was almost like, like I felt like I was getting drunk, like it was like, I was getting tipsy.

“And from there, he basically, he forced my clothes off.”

Sainsbury, who has claimed she didn’t realise she would be smuggling drugs until the last minute, said it was this sexual attack that led her to believe Angelo would follow through on threats he made towards her family if she didn’t go through with the plot.

Since being imprisoned in Colombia, Sainsbury has dramatically changed her appearance, losing weight and even speaking with an accent.

Sainsbury will have to stay in Colombia for another 25 months as part of her parole conditions.

She originally faced more than 20 years locked up but later negotiated a six-year sentence with a plea deal.

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