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Concerning virus fear that could cost lives

3 weeks ago 11

Australians are so concerned about catching coronavirus that more than half are unsure if they would step in and offer assistance in a first aid emergency.

New research from the Australian Red Cross has found that 82 per cent of Australians are worried about catching COVID-19 from performing CPR during an emergency, while 57 per cent are “unsure” about whether they would step in and help.

Millenials and Gen Z, those aged between 18 and 34, were the most convinced they would catch the virus, the research found.

And it has the national charity concerned.

Australian Red Cross training lead Janie McCullagh said transmission while giving CPR could be minimised with proper hygiene practices.

She warned not reacting could mean the “difference between life and death”.

“When faced with an emergency situation, it’s always better to react and do something rather than nothing,” she said.

To mark World First Aid Day on Saturday, the Australian Red Cross is hosting a free online workshop to demonstrate how to administer first aid while reducing the risk of contracting COVID-19.

“First aid skills are more important than ever during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. With us all spending more time at home, the chances of at-home emergencies are naturally increased,” Ms McCullagh said.

“It’s also important to remember that you may be the first on-scene at an emergency, hence why being first aid trained and knowing how to provide a timely response is so vital.”

She is also urging experienced first aiders to refresh their skills and to learn about COVID-safe practices on Saturday.

“We are calling on all Australians to learn new skills or renew existing ones … to ensure they are prepared to help in emergency situations which may arise during the pandemic and beyond,” Ms McCullagh said.

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