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Constance Hall’s husband hospitalised after serious motorbike crash

1 month ago 20

Mummy blogger Constance Hall has revealed her husband Denim Cook is in hospital suffering serious injuries after a motorcycle accident.

Taking to Facebook on Tuesday afternoon, Ms Hall, 36, said her husband had been on a motorcycle ride with a friend when he came off the bike and had been flown to hospital in Perth.

She said his condition was currently stable, but nobody had been able to give her concrete answers on what would happen in the days to come – whether he would have lasting injuries or how long his recovery might take.

“At this point nobody knows anything,” she wrote. “There is absolutely no way of telling what is going to happen.

“He is stable now and the most loved man in the world. We are blown away by the professionals who have teamed together to help him.”

Ms Hall said she had been waiting to share the devastating news until “some shock wore off and I could articulate a sentence properly”, but had been forced to come forward after her family were harassed at the hospital.

“Just a bit of space for our family while we wait for more information with love and hope in our hearts is all I ask,” she wrote.

The social media star and her husband make up a family of nine, including her four children, his two sons, and the son they had together in 2018, Raja.

She said they would all be waiting “a long time” before they knew what would come following the crash, but said nothing would change between them.

“Whatever (the end result) might be I’ll be holding Denim as tightly as I always have,” she wrote.

“We are one, our hearts beat each other’s blood.

“Denz’s love for his children is like nothing I have ever seen. As he says, it’s oceans of the stuff.”

Ms Hall said she would not be online for the next few days, so she could focus on Mr Cook’s recovery, and asked followers for “the perfect cool wave full of healing power and love to Denz”.

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