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‘Crying’ influencer Mikaela Testa banned on TikTok over racy photo

3 weeks ago 14

If you think you recognise Mikaela Testa’s face, you probably do.

The Melbourne based woman hit headlines when she shared a video of her breaking down in tears over Instagram’s decision to hide “likes” from followers last year.

Mikaela, who makes her living from selling X-rated images and videos on OnlyFans, told at the time the decision had affected her $12,895 a month income.

Now the 20-year-old has a new social media fight on her hands, this time with the booming video platform TikTok who have recently banned her for “multiple community guideline violations”. has contacted TikTok for comment.

While Mikaela is known for her racy content, she claims she hasn’t done anything wrong and is being punished by TikTok’s “automatic scanner”.

“The most it would have had is cleavage through a crop top,” she told “But nothing more than what Lizzo or any other body positive influencer would post.”

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As a result, she’s set up a new account, telling followers in a videoshe was “a little bit sad” about losing her old followers.

But while many have been sympathetic to her situation, others have said she was removed because as she “can’t keep her clothes on”.

One fan pointed out her profile picture showed her sitting on a golf buggy wearing a crop top that had her underboob on full display, while another agreed saying: “It’s literally your profile photo.

A lot has changed since Mikaela’s tearful video went viral, with Mikaela revealing she was “doing way better now than before financially”.

“I have recently hit over 1M followers on Instagram which I believe I had around 30-40K last year,” she said.

“I’m publicly known for the ‘crying over likes scandal’ and people from the public always recognise me in person from that.

“I’m slowly growing myself in TikTok because it’s a great platform and mainly focuses on video rather than photo (Instagram) so people can get to know who I am as a person a bit better.

“People can get the wrong idea from Instagram because a photo can only speak a thousand words.”

Her Instagram account is jam packed with racy bikini snaps and topless photos, with the social media earner most recently sharing a photo to celebrate hitting 1 million. In it, Mikaela is topless and wearing black string bikini bottoms, sitting next to a cake. She’s chosen to protect her modesty by placing with the cake’s cream frosting on her nipples.

It’s a tactic she uses in other risque images, such as one where she’s holding coconut shells over her breasts.

Back in July 2019, Mikaela was criticised heavily for her tearful rant in which she said influencers were “suffering” because of the changes to the social media platform, leading some to insist she needed a “get a real job”.

But after growing from 50,000 followers to over a million in the space of a year and the Instagram Influencer Earnings Calculator estimating she can earn between $2228 – $3713 per post, it seems Mikaela may have had the last laugh.

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