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Devastating COVID warning for the young

1 month ago 20

A new ad showing how easily coronavirus can spread, and the potentially fatal repercussions of not taking the virus seriously, has been released by the Federal Government.

Deputy chief health officer Nick Coatsworth unveiled the TV advertisement on Monday, showing a woman lying in intensive care and her son realising he was the one who gave it to her, even though he never had major symptoms.

Dr Coastworth said 20-29-year-olds had the highest rate of infection in Australia, with 77 cases per 100,000, but they often didn’t show it.

“We know that people between the age of 20 to 29 often have milder symptoms,” he said.

“That means they are far more at risk of spreading the virus to others. Often it is very difficult when you have mild symptoms from a respiratory virus to convince yourself you need to stay home and get tested, but it is so critically important that we do.”

The advertisement opens showing the mother lying in a hospital bed with tubes in her mouth and nose.

“My mum’s in ICU with COVID,” her son says. “We visited her a few weeks ago, but I didn’t know I had COVID. I had no symptoms.”

Vision then pans to show the son’s friend, Tom, making dinner, pink marks showing where his dirty hands left the virus on the son’s food.

“A week earlier my mate cooked dinner. Tom said he just had a cold,” the son says, as the camera moves to a coffee shop.

“He works with Sophie, who said she just had a sniffle. We all had COVID and didn’t know it.”

Dr Coatsworth said the ad showed the dangers for other people if young people who had contracted the virus spread it around, but there was also evidence of cases in that age bracket winding up in intensive care and even dying.

“Whether we are in our late teenage years or young adults, or we are middle-aged or elderly Australians … we all have our part to play, but this advertisement will show us there are specific things young Australians can do to protect vulnerable people and their families and the community from COVID-19.”

The ad will be shown everywhere except Victoria, as it is aimed at states and territories with little to no transmission.

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