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Four rare Woolworths toys making mega bucks

3 weeks ago 23

The plastic collector’s items in Woolworths known as Ooshies have just got even better.

The supermarket giant has just revealed four Ooshies that are so rare they could earn you a lot of money — if you were open to selling it.

Woolworths has teamed up with Disney for their latest range of collectibles.

The four limited edition Disney characters are Elsa, Woody, Captain Marvel and the Mandalorian, from various Disney enterprises.

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Last month the supermarket retailer announced its new collection of Ooshies, which were all Disney, Pixar, Marvel or Star Wars characters as part of an advertising campaign for the new streaming service Disney+.

Among the 36 Ooshies are characters including Anna and Elsa (Frozen), Woody and Buzz Lightyear (Toy Story), Thor and Black Panther (Marvel), and Rey, Yoda and Darth Vader from Star Wars.

One character can be collected for every $30 spent in-store or online, while stocks last.

The supermarket’s new promotion starts on Wednesday, August 26, in all states except Victoria.

The reason Elsa, Woody, Captain Marvel and the Mandalorian are so rare is because they are add-ons, outside of the 36 character range.

They are the glitter version of the original Ooshies.

These supermarket toys are highly lucrative if sold to the right buyers.

During last year’s Woolworths’ Lion King Ooshie promotion, one collector bid $100,000 for the ultra rare furry Simba on eBay.

Other rare minis have regularly attracted $10,000 price tags during promotion periods, and full collections also sell for a high price on the internet.

The Diney+ Ooshies promotion ends on October 20 so best get in fast.

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