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Guillaume Brahimi

3 weeks ago 13

There will be Tour de France diehards who tune in to SBS’s coverage for the cycling, but it’s the Plat du Tour program, hosted by Sydney-based French chef Guillaume Brahimi, that will really whet your appetite.

Taking viewers on a tour of French cooking, the series features 21 recipes that originate from the 21 regions correlating to the stages of the iconic cycling event. With the COVID-19 lockdown prohibiting travel, Guillaume filmed the segments in country NSW.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic, so I couldn’t get to France, but we were able to create classic French recipes using great Australian produce,” he says. “It made me feel proud of my adopted country and where I live,” he says. Guillaume promises the recipes aren’t difficult and credits Australians with having an open mind when it comes to international food.

“Australians don’t anglicise their food,” he says. “There is a big migrant community, that’s second or third generation, and they know good food. I just want to share these recipes and for people to enjoy them.

“French cuisine is not difficult. It’s the backbone of so many dishes. All I can say is stick to the recipe – you really can’t go wrong.”

Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co butcher block

I love this so much. I use this breakfast, lunch and dinner, and sometimes in between. It’s nice and big and easy to chop on. As soon as I saw it, I knew I wanted it in my kitchen. It’s something I always use.

Buddha head

This was given to me for my 45th birthday. A very close friend and someone I adore and love a lot gave it to me, and now it sits in the garden, where I can look at it and enjoy it.

Mcusta Zanmai knives

My team gave me these for my birthday about four years ago. It was a very special gift, and I love using these knives.

Astier de Villatte incense sticks

These have such a beautiful scent, and I love to have them in the house, especially when I am working. It makes me happy.

Mud Australia platters

I just love everything they put out – every shade is beautiful. It’s amazing Australian craftsmanship.

Paddle board

It’s a privilege to live near the ocean, and I love to get out there with my paddle board

Le Creuset pots

Growing up in France, my grandmother had one, my mother had one, and, guess what? Now I have them. They do cost more money, but you keep them forever, so you’re the winner in the end.

Bassike blanket

My children bought this for my birthday a few weeks ago. It makes me feel nice when they buy me something so special. It’s also nice for them to be buying me something for a change – I love it.


There’s nothing better than a house full of beautiful books, especially from some of the great publishing companies.

The Wood Room bell dining table

This is a present to myself. It was made to order in natural oak, and now I’m just waiting for the chairs I ordered from France to arrive.

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