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Hall reveals husband’s horrific injuries

1 month ago 24

Popular blogger Constance Hall has revealed her husband Denim has broken his back in four places in a horrific motorbike accident but managed to avoid damaging his spinal chord.

Taking to Facebook on Tuesday night, the mother-of-five shared an update with her followers saying it has been “the hardest week” since the accident.

“Trauma can happen in the blink of an eye yet healing seems to take forever,” she wrote.

“What I am happy to tell our beloved Queens is that as always Denim has broken all the rules by breaking his back in 4 places yet still by the grace of (maybe his Guru?) his spinal chord has remained untouched.”

“He will walk again and is already moving his arms and legs around.”

Last week Hall, 36, shared the news that her husband had an accident while motorbike riding with a friend and had been flown to a hospital in Perth.

The social media star and her husband make up a family of nine, including her four children, his two sons, and the son they had together in 2018, Raja.

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Hall said Denim was not “completely out of the woods” but has had back surgery and is considered a “f***ing anomaly.”

“His parents and children are incredible, visiting him every day and I honestly believe that (aside from the highly trained, skilled, professional and empathetic team that are caring for him around the clock) that love may have been the motivation he needed for this incredible result.”

“Denz doesn’t dream of mansions or Porches. He would prefer to camp then stay at the crown towers.

“Denzi dreams of his kids, he talks about every detail of them all day, has personal jokes that only they understand and nurtures in ways I’ve never seen a man nurture,” she wrote.

She said the couple would also be doing a “long distance healing” session with a renowned energy healer and she would focus on changing their home lives to “put each other first again”.

“It just sucks that I needed something this horrible to make me realise I had stopped appreciating everything he does for us all,” she said.

Hall also thanked her fans for their support, saying it made her feel like she was living in “Summer Bay” and that her sister would take over her label for the short term.

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