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Homeless man’s desperate plea goes viral

1 month ago 21

A Sydney man who sleeps rough on the streets is willing to offer what little money he has to help find his beloved dog, Shaggy.

Nathan has been caring for the pooch since Christmas last year after he found the dog, with a trolley on top of her, in a dumpster in Surry Hills, Sydney.

However, on Sunday afternoon Shaggy was allegedly stolen from the spot outside Hungry Jack’s in Circular Quay, where the pair sleep together.

Nathan had only gone to the toilet for two and a half minutes, before returning to find his dog missing.

The loss of Shaggy has left him devastated, with Nathan saying he hasn’t been able to sleep and “just wants her back”.

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After finding the abandoned animal in the trash, Nathan took her to a vet but was told he could keep her. Since then he has nursed Shaggy back to health and the pair have become inseparable.

“I always carry her everywhere,” Nathan told

In a self-made poster, Nathan wrote he will offer a reward of $300 to the person who finds Shaggy.

“Please help she is all I have,” he said on the handwritten square of cardboard.

Nathan’s plea has been heard online with thousands of people sharing a post from pet detective Anne-Marie, who put out a call out on Facebook asking anyone with information to “please help”.

“This little sweetie is a HOMELESS PERSON’S PET,” she wrote in the post, adding that the dog isn’t microchipped, but once she is found Arthur & Co. Pet Concierge will assist with vet care and food.

Since Anne-Marie posted a photo of Nathan’s handwritten plea earlier today, it has been shared more than 2,500 times from people eager to help reunite the owner with his missing pooch.

“So sad … wishing for her return home,” one person wrote.

“I do hope that she is found soon, that’s so sad. Shared in Queensland,” wrote another.

“Oh I hope she is found,” a third said.

In her Facebook post, Ann-Marie said that when Nathan took the dog to the vet, he was allegedly told Shaggy was so badly neglected and malnourished that the people listed on her microchip had obviously abused her.

“He hand fed her small amounts and nursed her back to health,” she said.

Nathan allegedly started yelling for help when he came back from the toilet to find Shaggy had been missing, but nobody helped.

“Everyone thought I was crazy,” he told Anne-Marie.

“All I could do was sit on my bed and cry”.

The pet detective told the community has offered to ensure the dog is taken to vet, microchipped and given ongoing care.

“Homeless people in our experience take better care of their pets than they do of themselves,” she told the publication.

Nathan said he “loves Shaggy to death” and will do anything to have her back.

He said he has made a statement to police. have contacted NSW Police, however a spokesperson said they are still looking into the matter.

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