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‘Hot’ Slovakian female hunter sparks divide with kill photos

1 week ago 4

A Slovakian huntress has been subjected to death threats after posting pictures of herself with dead animals online.

Petra Krchavá, 31, comes from a family of hunters with her passion for the hobby dating back 13 years.

She was first introduced to hunting by her father Peter, 56, when she was just six years old, and has recently amassed a 40,000 strong following online sharing photos of her escapades.

But while some admire her hunting skills, labelling Ms Krchavá “hot” and “beautiful” – others have condenmend the hobby.

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“People have wished me the same death as the animals I’ve harvested. People think we kill animals for fun, which is not the case at all,” Ms Krchavá said.

“I’ve been told ‘I wish you’d shoot each other,’” she claimed.

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Despite the threats, the hunter claims the welfare of the animals is her number one priority.

“They don’t see that I feed the animals to make sure they survive the winter.”

Ms Krchavá said she spends thousands of dollars contributing to conservation efforts.

“I distribute drinking water in summer and build feeding facilities … We dig lakes, give them medicine, save young and other injured animals, and organise waste collection outings.

“We teach children in schools and run educational summer camps.”

Last year, however, Ms Krchavá said she took a break from the hobby after witnessing another hunter accidentally shot and allegedly killed just 80 metres from her.

While she found it difficult to love hunting in the same way she had previously, she said her determination to protect animals for future generations prevailed.

“Hunting is never just about the hunt. There’s so much time, energy, and care that goes into it, but most people don’t realise this,” she said.

“When we process the game meat, it’s something shared by family, friends, and our village. It’s the healthiest meat a person can eat.

“There are no toxic products used. I know exactly what happened to that animal.”

She explained during the current coronavirus crisis, her family have been able to be self-sufficient when supermarkets lacked supply.

“I’ve had people reach out to me to thank me for what I do for nature. Adults sometimes ask me how we can pass this message on to young people too,” she said.

“It’s important that we preserve nature for future generations. I hope I can teach my own child this one day.”

Ms Krchavá is also in the process of creating a clothing line to fundraise for the western capercaillie, an endangered species of bird in the grouse family.

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