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‘Humiliating to plead for basics’: Only one person registered to couple’s room

1 month ago 20

A couple in hotel quarantine at Melbourne’s Pan Pacific Hotel were forced to call “three times a day” for more food, until they realised on day 10 of their stay only one of them was listed as staying in the room.

Kaan Ofli and his partner returned to Melbourne on April 9 and the couple were shuttled to their hotel and placed in the one room.

For 10 days, they received only one meal between them for breakfast lunch and dinner, and would have to call reception and then the Department of Health to beg for more.

“It was one meal we were receiving, one piece of fruit,” he said.

“We weren’t getting bottles of water or anything like that, we were told to drink from the basin.”

Mr Ofli said he and his partner would take turns calling to ask for more, and said they were “embarrassed” to ask.

“We found it humiliating to have to call and plead for the basics,” he said.

“It was really disheartening.”

Each morning, the couple received a call from one of the nurses working in the hotel to check if they had been experiencing symptoms of coronavirus.

The couple took turns answering, so nurses had spoken to both Mr Ofli and his partner.

“On the 10th day it was the same call asking for symptoms, and it was my partner who answered the call,” he told the inquiry.

“She said ‘no we don’t have any symptoms’, and the nurse said ‘what do you mean by we?’.”

“(My partner) was like ‘well there’s two of us in here’, and the nurse said ‘I’ve only got you in the system’.

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