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Innocent vegan sausage question sparks X-rated discussion

1 month ago 19

An Aussie woman took a quick snap of a pack of vegan sausages at her local IGA and inquired if they were worth buying - but the internet soon saw similarities between the photograph and male genitalia.

Be warned. Once you see this picture of vegan sausages you can’t un-see it.

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The woman, from Townsville, Queensland, was soon beset by comments, pointing out the hilarious similarity between the plant-based food and certain male body parts.

“Just wondering if anyone has tried these vegan sausages from IGA? Opinions please? Are they nice?” she asked.

“Vegan sausages … that was not my first thought when I saw them,” another woman replied.

“They’re willy nice,” was one man’s cheeky pun.

“So you’re telling me I could have gone to the supermarket instead of getting with my ex?” a woman said.

“I guess if you’re after a sugar daddy, this is what to expect?” someone else said.

Others proclaimed they could never eat sausages again after seeing the photo.

It’s unclear whether the original poster did end up buying the sausages.

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