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Jim’s Pool Care release shocking images of dirty pool

1 month ago 19

When this Aussie pool guy arrived at his client’s house and saw the pool he was expected to clean, he was flabbergasted.

The pool was so dirty that it had a solid layer of green over the top, complete with shrubs and a tree growing out of it.

He quickly took some snaps and the grotesque images have since been shared by his employer, the iconic Jim’s Pool Cleaners.

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The pool company labelled it as the “worst green pool ever” on its website.

A green pool generally means the surface has turned green because of a layer of algae contaminating the pool.

However, in this case it’s unclear whether there was any water left in the pool.

Indeed, Jim’s Pool Cleaners said the pool had more in common with a garden than a body of water.

“We almost suggested Jim’s Mowing to start with!” they said in a statement.

“Can you imagine our local Jim’s Pool Care Franchisee when he arrived? ‘Sorry, you want me to do what?’” they said jokingly in a statement.

It wasn’t the first time the company had fixed a green pool — but it was by far the dirtiest they’ve ever seen.

“Sometimes Jim’s Pool Care gets an interesting green pool recovery project like this one,” the statement read.

They revealed that the customer had been using their swimming pool as an aquarium and now wanted to convert it back.

After a week-long effort, Jim’s Pool Cleaners restored the pool back to its former glory with “crystal clear” waters.

“Just so you know, our team can handle just about any green pool problem, it is usually just down to the amount of labour, effort and pool chemicals required,” the pool company said.

“This one took shovel loads of direct soil and slime to be removed over the course of a week or so. Then a complete gurney and acid wash.”

The before and after photos show the extreme makeover the pool got.

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