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KFC’s ‘next-level’ secret Zinger Mozzarella Double burger

1 month ago 14

Two fast-food fans have discovered a new item on KFC’s “secret” menu – and it is seriously next-level.

Just days after the fried chicken experts bought back the new Zinger Mozzarella burger, TikTok users @onlychebbo and @kanefoster have shared videos detailing a “double” version that doesn’t feature on the regular menu.

It still has a goey mozzarella patty that has been deep fried in breadcrumbs, but instead of bread, it is sandwiched between two spicy chicken fillets.

It also comes with bacon, mayonnaise and tomato sauce.

“KFC has took it to another level,” @onlychebbo declares as he tucks into the cheesy delight in his video.

While @kane said ordering the “secret” burger was “the best thing I’ve ever done”.

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In order to try the burger for yourself you can’t walk into a KFC and ask for it over the counter. The secret menu can only be ordered through the app.

To open it, you have to follow the prompts to take you through to the main food menu at your local restaurant. Once there, you need to drag down from the top of the screen to the bottom until you see the Colonel.

Once you see him, hold down for around 11 seconds until you see the secret menu pop-up – and then you’re in.

This new $11.95 addition joins the likes of $6.95 Zinger Chipster and $12.45 Triple Stacker Burger.

And in case you’re watching your calorie intake, the Zinger Mozzarella Double contains 702 calories (2938 kJ). The average adult daily energy intake is 2000 calories (8700 kJ).
Earlier this week, KFC revealed it had brought back the Zinger Mozzarella burger for the first time since 2017.

Sadly, the item is only available for a limited time, sparking a frenzy among KFC lovers.

KFC isn’t the only fast-food giant to bring back a cheesy favourite recently, with McDonald’s adding mozzarella sticks and two burgers with mozzarella patties – the Cheesy Beef Burger and Cheesy Chicken Burger.

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