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Kiwi claims Australia is ‘better’ than NZ in viral list video

1 month ago 10

A Kiwi has caused a stir online after creating a video in which he lists all the reasons why “Australia is better than New Zealand”.

Ethan Wooland created a TikTok video that has reignited an age-old debate between the ANZAC nations over which country is better.

While the topic is mostly tongue in cheek, Ethan made some solid points about the cost of living, healthcare and earning potential.

“First of all, Australia has government-subsidised, completely free healthcare,” he begins. “You can go to a doctor as many times as you need in a week and it is completely bulk-billed, it is paid for by taxpayer dollars, you don’t have to pay a single cent like you do in New Zealand.”

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“Secondly, the minimum wage is a lot higher, and the cost of living is exactly the same to living in New Zealand,” he continued, explaining he currently lives in Sydney which is said to be on par pricewise to Auckland.

“In my job, the minimum you get is $22 an hour, in New Zealand I could be doing the same job and only be getting $18.50.”

He also said if you work weekends you get “double” while working public holidays means you can earn up to “triple” your pay.

His next point tackled petrol prices, which Ethan said was a “lot cheaper” in Australia.

“The average price in New Zealand is $2.20 a litre but over in Australia it is 95c to $1.10 at the most.”

Another point he was keen to make was about the nightlife in Sydney, claiming it was “so much f***ing better” than his hometown.

Ethan said he felt the need to make the video because he was still seeing the debate that New Zealand was better than Australia – but after moving to Sydney in 2018 with “no idea” what to expect, he now feels it is “a lot better” country to live in.

But the video has stirred a reaction online, with many divided over which they believe is the better nation.

Some were firmly in #TeamNZ while others were proudly in #TeamAU.

“New Zealand is prettier,” one said, while another declared, “Kiwis are the nicest people.”

“Australia is a beautiful country too,” others argued.

Some said neither were better, stating it is “all about personal preference”.

However there were some Kiwis who agreed, stating Ethan’s video was “fact”.

“I’m from NZ too and living in Melbs and can 100 per cent agree,” one wrote.

“Kiwi who has been in Aus since 2013 and 100 per cent agree! Love NZ but Aus wins for the general lifestyle perks.”

Do you agree with this list or is it completely wrong? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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