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Kmart lovers rushing to nab $20 jeans

1 month ago 16

While some people wouldn’t consider Kmart as a first option when hunting for the “perfect” pair of jeans, the popular Aussie retailer has proved its worth yet again.

More often that not, the most comfortable pair of jeans come with a hefty price tag.

But as some Kmart lovers have discovered, that’s not always the case with the store’s latest $20 piece of denim drawing in fashion influencers from all over the country.

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The bargain buy is being praised by Instagrammers, with pictures popping up all over the social media site showing women posing in the brand’s Super High Rise Jeans.

“Did I need these $20 straight leg, super high rise jeans from #kmartaus .. no. Did I want them? 1000 times yes,” fashion influencer Dani, who runs Luxe and Lemonade, wrote on her Instagram.

To complete the look, she paired the light-coloured jeans with a basic, off-the-shoulder black top.

After sharing the snap, her post generated hundreds of likes with some people rushing to purchase the $20 item.

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“After this post I rushed down to Kmart this morning to purchase — you definitely convinced me!! While I was grabbing a pair another shopper commented that they looked nice and I told her about your post — she bought a pair too lol, spreading the love,” the follower wrote.

Brisbane mum Jasmine Hunt, also known for her bargain buys, was inundated with comments when she too shared her trendy outfit featuring the jeans.

She teamed the look with a soft pink linen blazer from Little Party Dress and a Marcs and Spencer Australia white tee.

“I love everything about this outfit! The blazer looks lovely but I love the mules and the wash of your jeans! Perfection,” one person commented.

“Gorgeous outfit for casual chic,” added another.

It’s not the first time a $20 pair of Kmart jeans have caused a frenzy.

The brand’s Front Pleated Jeans garnered a similar reaction last month after they too were shared by influencers online.

“Went a size 10 and couldn’t believe how perfect they would fit over my bum! I do struggle with jeans and usually don’t opt for this style. But I immediately fell in love with the folded ankle cuffed & pleat front design,” Dani told her followers.

“Apparently these are selling like crazy and they have had zero complaint. Sooooo excited to rock these moving forwards.”

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The faded jeans feature a pleated front detail and turn up ankle cuffs.

Meanwhile, Bianca, from biancamelb, who has more than 32,000 Instagram followers, urged her fans to jump on the Kmart jeans bandwagon.

“If you’re not on the $20 Kmart Front Pleated Jean train yet, I think you should hop on,” she said alongside a snap wearing the item.

“There’s still all sizes in stock online for those worried about going into store. I’m in my standard size 8 Top also Kmart and was $7. I could have actually gone down a size in this one but got my regular size,” she wrote.

For those who don’t remember, Kmart’s $25 ‘sculpting’ jeans were also a huge hit, with the item going viral.

“They’re the kind of jeans that allow you to consume your weight in chocolate but still look like you did 100 squats at the gym,” Dani told at the time.

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