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LEGO stuck up boy’s nose for two years finally falls out

1 month ago 22

It’s taken a stubborn piece of LEGO two years to dislodge itself from up the nose of its owner.

A little boy shoved a tiny grey LEGO brick — believed to be a character’s arm — up his nose in 2018.

Only yesterday did it fall out of his nostril.

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Five-year-old Sameer Anwar was rushed to the doctor’s in 2018 after he admitted to his parents that he’d lost a piece of LEGO up his nose.

The family, from Dunedin, in the south of New Zealand, were even more concerned when their GP was also unable to find, or remove the plastic piece.

The doctor assumed that the piece had gone deeper into his body and would end up in the boy’s digestive tract.

With Sameer carrying on life as normal, his mother and father soon forgot about it.

“Since then he’s never complained or anything,” the boy’s father, Mudassir Anwar, told the Guardian.

Then last night, the “unbelievable” happened, according to Mr Anwar.

By now seven years old, little Sameer was excited to see a plate full of bright pink cupcakes served up to him. He leaned down and inhaled deeply.

His nose starting hurting. He assumed he had sniffed up some cupcake crumbs and blew his nose into a tissue.

The family got the shock of their lives when they saw what had come out of his body.

It was a tiny piece of grey LEGO, covered in a layer of fungus.

“We never expected such thing,” Mr Anwar said. “The LEGO piece looks a bit gross but that’s how it is. Unbelievable”.

The family immediately took a snap, seeing the humour of the situation.

“Mum, I found the LEGO! You were telling me it wasn’t there, but it was there!” Sameer cried.

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