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Man asked wife if he could date sister after she had ‘fling’

4 weeks ago 21

It’s billed as the best holiday you’ll ever go on – but for one man, his honeymoon turned out to be five weeks of pure misery.

After discovering his wife had engaged in a “not-so-secret fling” a week before their wedding, Greyson Ferguson decided to still go on honeymoon in South America with his wife, detailing the experience for Medium’s P.S. I Love You in a column titled “‘I asked my wife if I could date her sister”.

Despite her affair, the pair decided to go on honeymoon because he hoped the holiday would help repair the relationship.

But things were so tense, they couldn’t even look at one another.

“We lived together yet I couldn’t look at her. We shared the same bed yet I couldn’t sleep next to her,” he wrote, adding she felt like a “stranger I hardly knew”.

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Their backpacking experience was filled with heaps of awkward silences, run ins with dodgy hotel managers and even at one stage sleeping in bunk beds.

Then things went from bad to worse for the pair, who tied the knot in 2010, when Greyson decided to pull his new wife into the “dark place slowly consuming” him by asking if he would be allowed to date her sister if they broke up. Ouch.

“If we broke up what would you do if I dated your sister?” the man – who now lives in Tuscon, Arizona – asked her, writing “she didn’t like that question” and that he knew she wouldn’t.

The siblings had an unspoken rivalry, with Greyson’s wife feeling inferior to her younger sister, he said.

“The entire honeymoon I struggled putting the images and messages from my wife’s not-so-secret fling out of my mind. I couldn’t. Nor could I pull myself out of that dark place slowly consuming me. So instead I did what I could to drag her down with me,” he said.

Despite hating the idea, Greyson said his wife revealed “she’d get over it” if the two of them were happy.

He thought he would enjoy “seeing her squirm” but instead it just made him feel worse.

There was no coming back from things after that, with Greyson explaining he was so miserable he contemplated returning home by himself.

It was only the thought of something awful happening to his wife that stopped him from doing so.

After returning home, their marriage ended – with Greyson admitting 10 years on he “still wouldn’t mind going out on a date with the sister”.

In a previous post titled “four reasons I married my cheating wife” he explained in more detail why he went through with the doomed marriage.

Money was a big factor, something he says he has learned a valuable lesson from, calling it a “mistake” to hinge your entire future on not wanting to impact your bank balance.

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