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Man labelled ‘selfish’ for fighting off trespassers on his property

1 month ago 22

A man who tried to make his life easier has been lashed online for being “selfish”.

The unnamed man took to Reddit to complain about his neighbours who kept trespassing on to his rural property to have piss-ups.

Fed up with their behaviour, he ended up building a stone fence to keep people off his property.

But what should have been a clear-cut case has left the internet divided, with some calling him selfish.

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Turned out, the man had built a driveway for himself to create a short cut on to the main road of his town.

At first he let his neighbours use it.

But after some residents started having football games and parties in his fields, and turned his property into a de facto carpark, he’d had enough.

“I had multiple talks with multiple people and the results ranged from apologetic people moving their cars to aggressive people who told me to go f*** myself,” the man said on Reddit.

He closed off the driveway and built a wall of stone to protect his property.

It now means his neighbours must drive for much longer to get to work without the shortcut.

Multiple neighbours “asked me to remove the fence,” he said.

“They basically had to add 15 to 20 minutes to their travel time to work without my shortcut.”

The man said nothing could change his mind, although he added that he felt guilty about the “nice” neighbours who had never misused his property.

Instead of being overwhelmed by sympathy for the situation, other Reddit users slammed the man as being “selfish”.

“You’re well within your rights to do what you’ve done, but I don’t think you should punish the nice neighbours for the actions of a few,” one person commented.

“Maybe put a gate up with a lock on some people could access?” another said.

“You don’t want your nice neighbours thinking you’re selfish.”

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