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Man outraged after casino refused entry because he was carrying a purse

1 month ago 12

An Arkansas man is outraged after he was refused entry to a casino for carrying a man bag.

Jordan Kirk was ready for a Friday night out with his husband at the Oaklawn Racing Casino Resort in Hot Springs, Arkansas, when a bouncer told him he couldn’t enter with his Louis Vuitton bag. The guard told him “men do not carry purses they carry bags”, and told him to put the bag in his car.

“I was told my ‘bag’ was too large, and I could put my wallet in my pocket, return my bag back to the car, and then I could come in,” Mr Kirk wrote in a Facebook post.

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“I informed the security guard that this is my man purse (murse) and I would not be putting it back in the car, to which I was told men do not carry purses they carry bags and because it goes over my shoulder it is considered a bag … and it would have to be returned to the car if I wished to enter for the second time.”

Mr Kirk asked to speak to a floor supervisor about the issue – but the supervisor agreed with the bouncer.

“While this was happening we pointed out at least 10 women carrying bags large enough to carry small toddlers, and 3 backpacks … their reply? ‘Women need their purses, your’s is just a bag’.”

Mr Kirk said he then asked to speak to the general manager, who told him: “A man carrying a ‘bag’ may have explosives.”

“You’re kidding me? Because I’m gay, I’m carrying a man purse … now I may carry explosives?” Mr Kirk wrote.

Mr Kirk said he was supported by bystanders who told the guards they were “discriminating against me for having a purse”. He was allowed to enter after surrendering to a bag search.

His Facebook post has since gone viral attracting more than 1400 comments and more than 700 shares.

“I would never have thought this would have blown up so big. I would have never thought I would be denied entrance to a place of business, because I choose to carry a murse,” Mr Kirk said.

“It’s 2020, I thought we had come a long way for equality and inclusivity for people of all race, colour, religion, sex, and national origin.”

He said the Casino’s vice president of marketing contacted him via Facebook to apologise, and said the issue had been addressed with the team members.

Mr Kirk said he’d also been blocked from leaving a review of the business on Facebook.

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