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Melania Trump distracts from President’s speech with green screen dress

1 month ago 16

First Lady Melania Trump stole most of the attention after choosing a very eye-catching frock to wear at the Republican National Conference.

It was hard to miss the First Lady’s lime green gown, and social media users certainly didn’t miss it.

The caped-shoulder, pleated Valentino number retails for $5500, but that didn’t stop the memes from rolling in as soon as Melania stepped out.

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“Get ready for the green screens … Twitter do your thing!” one social media user aptly predicted.

And the internet went wild. Some chose to take the opportunity to highlight some of the most frightening statistics during her husband’s time in office, including the number of coronavirus cases by state.

Others simply had a laugh, mocking up the First Lady’s dress with all kinds of alternative prints.

The best (by far) was the user who chose to superimpose Joe Biden’s face over the dress.

No stranger to a fashion faux-pas, Melania has drawn criticism for her outfit choices in the past.

On the couple’s official trip to Africa, Melania was mocked mercilessly for her endless wardrobe of khaki and neutrals.

The First Lady was slammed over a message emblazoned on the back of a $39 Zara jacket back in 2018, prompting the President to step in and justify her outfit choice.

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