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Motorists save hundreds with mobile apps

1 month ago 23

Savvy Queensland motorists are saving hundreds of dollars a year at the bowser.

New data reveals the use of petrol price comparison apps and websites is almost twice as high as it was two years ago.

Drivers are now checking petrol prices on comparison apps and websites more than 600,000 times a month compared with less than 350,000 in 2018.

Energy Minister Dr Anthony Lynham said the surge followed the State Government’s fuel price reporting trial, which required retailers to provide up-to-date prices to the Government, which then made the prices available to app and web developers.

“The Government fuel price reporting trial has clearly been a hit with Queensland drivers,” Dr Lynham said.

“Queensland drivers have nearly doubled how often they are checking fuel prices each month with the dozen price-comparison apps and websites now available.

“And the latest independent research by Griffith University shows that checking prices pays off.”

According to an interim Griffith University report on the price reporting trial’s first year of operating, motorists who shop around could save over a year:

$179 in Brisbane $139 at the Gold Coast and Ipswich $81 in Rockhampton $66 in Mt Isa $53.80 in Cairns

The report also showed the two-year trial had helped drive down average fuel prices in southeast Queensland.

“In southeast Queensland, Griffith University found the trial delivered a small decline in the average price of all grades of petrol, including regular unleaded petrol, E10 and premium unleaded petrol,” Dr Lynham said.

“The reduction in average petrol prices means an extra $10 million in the pockets of Brisbane motorists and an extra $14 million in the pockets of motorists across the southeast.

“The main purpose of the trial is to make it easy to shop around and save by putting fuel prices into the hands of motivated motorists, but a decline in average prices is a double win for southeast Queenslanders.”

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