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Mum’s ‘pain’ over last Aldi gin bottle

1 month ago 12

Parents know all too well the frustrations of homeschooling.

And that’s why sometimes, just sometimes an alcoholic beverage is needed to help unwind.

It is for that reason an Aldi shopper from Melbourne has been hailed a hero.

The woman gave up the last bottle of gin at her local store for a mum who has been homeschooling during the coronavirus pandemic.

“I went to Aldi today. There was ONE bottle of Gordon’s pink gin left on the shelf,” the shopper’s post read on Reddit.

“I reached for it the same time as another lady. She looked at me with a pained expression and said ‘Please. I’m homeschooling.’”

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Even though the country has seen people fight over products, and a new wave of panic buying in Melbourne, the shopper and fellow mum immediately gave up the bottle to the woman.

After she shared her experience online, the post immediately attracted more than 3000 likes and hundreds of comments applauding the Aussie for her “heroic” gesture.

“Order of Australia material right here!” one person wrote.

“The real hero right here,” a second person commented.

“Did you have a cape on?” a third joked.

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Fellow parents who related to the mum’s “pain” also “saluted” the shopper.

“As a home-schooling mother, who loves her gin, I salute you! Your kindness shall go down in history!” a mum wrote.

A bottle shop owner also commented, saying he wanted to send a bottle of the gin to the mum who missed out.

“I am sorry that you couldn’t indulge in the bottle of Gordons Pink Gin but I do own a bottle shop and would love to gift you one for that hero kindness … not even joking pm me,” he wrote.

The shopper later edited her post to thank others for their kind words, adding she was not expecting such a huge reaction.

“I thought I’d get an amused chuckle from a few of you and this would disappear,” she said.

“Thank you for the kind comments, awards and solidarity.

“We Mums have to stick together in these difficult times and share the gin!’

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