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New data predicts Karens are dying out

2 weeks ago 8

Well as it turns out, people invest quite a bit in names – and what was once a very popular moniker has now been shamed into extinction.

According to recent data from the Social Security Administration (SSA), the instances of babies named Karen have dropped dramatically in the past decade, and are now at their lowest since the 1930s.

The once popular name has copped a bad rap in recent years.

Nowadays, it’s often used as a pejorative term to describe an “angry, entitled” white woman of privilege who will often want to “speak to the manager” to complain about the tiniest inconveniences.

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The name ‘Karen’ was in the top five on the baby names index from 1957 to 1966, hitting its peak spot in 1965 at number three. That same year, the number of girls named Karen was 32,873, which represented 1.799 per cent of total female births in 1965.

Thanks to Karen memes and viral videos, parents are becoming less inclined to bestow the name on their new bubs.

The latest stats show Karen comes in at #660 in the baby name rankings for 2019. That represents 438 babies named Karen last year, and 0.024 per cent of total female births in 2019.

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While Karen isn’t a much-loved name at the moment, parents have been loving Emma, Ava, Sophia and Isabella – all of which made it into the top five in 2019.

The name Olivia came in at number one.

The top five boys’ names included Liam, Noah, Oliver, William and Elijah, with Liam taking out the top spot.

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