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Noisy vegan protesters chased out of Perth BBQ restaurant

1 month ago 19

A group of vegan activists who staged a protest at a Perth barbecue restaurant were chased out by a fed up diner, who argued with them and snatched their megaphone.

The group live streamed their protest on Facebook as they stood around the tables in Lapa Brazilian Barbecue in Subiaco chanting “animals do not want to die” and “it’s not food, it’s violence,” holding signs. But after a few noisy minutes in the busy restaurant, one diner became fed up and began confronting the activists.

“Seriously, get out. You’re ruining everyone’s dinner,” one waiter can be heard pleading with the group.

Other diners seemed amused and clinked their glasses before tucking into their meals.

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Direct Action Everywhere are an activist group linked with a number of high profile demonstrations, including clashes with West Australian farmers.

The group describe themselves as a “nonviolent community of concerned individuals seeking to end the slavery of animals”.

“We use methods that force the dialogue of speciesism to be ubiquitous,” it says.

One diner in a white T-shirt got fed up as the group began loudly chanting, “Animals do not want to die!” and started arguing with one activist. The man can be heard swearing, and telling the activists to leave.

The man in the white T-shirt then approached the protester with the megaphone and snatched it from him, before they quickly moved outside.

Before the group left, one protester screamed, “Think of the animals that suffered, they spend their whole lives suffering for a few minutes of your taste pleasure!”

The group of activists had booked a table for 12 last night, and ordered sparkling water before starting their protest, according to a report from The West Australian.

They’d left money on the table before leaving the restaurant, according to the report. contacted Lapa Brazillian Barbecue for comment but didn’t receive a response in time for publication of this article.

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