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‘Not Photoshopped: Camilla And Marc defend photo after editing claims

1 month ago 18

Fans of an Australian fashion label have been left baffled over an image that some believed has been digitally altered.

Camilla and Marc have since shut down the claims after the photo – which shows Australian model Alannah Walton wearing items from its latest activewear collection – was flooded with comments on Instagram accusing it of being Photoshopped.

In it, the model is seen posing in a black crop and tights as she stands tall, looking fiercely into the camera with her hands resting on either side of her waist.

But while many commended the brand on its new sports range, others were drawn to a detail on the model’s waist.

“The model’s waist or shape has not been photoshopped or altered in any way,” a Camilla and Marcs spokesperson confirmed to

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The label also took the time to respond to each of its followers confused by the image to set the record straight.

“Hi... this model’s body shape has not been photoshopped or altered in any way. Please visit our website to see more detailed images or DM if you have any further questions,” it had written on each of the posts.

Backlash on the snap had stemmed around the way the model’s hand rested on her waist, with some believing the alignment of the hip and waist didn’t look right.

“Can we talk about how this photo has been majorly doctored? Her waist and hips don’t appear to be in proportion,” one follower wrote.

“I noticed that too. It’s a shame, why did they need to shrink her waist,” added another.

“It looks ridiculous and some young girls may be looking at this thinking it is achievable! When in reality it’s completely photoshopped!” wrote a third person.

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Others were quick to defend the label explaining it’s the positioning of the model’s hand that makes it appear out of sorts.

“To be honest I think she is just pushing her waist herself... I don’t think it’s been photoshopped,” one fan wrote.

The brand recently unveiled its new sports range saying it is a campaign in celebration of freedom of movement and expression.

Earlier this year, Kylie Jenner was also accused of photoshopping a bikini image, which she later deleted.

The reality star removed the picture after a “crooked” pool edge caught the eye of followers.

Fans said it looked curved, calling the mum-of-one out for badly editing her snaps.

Kylie then quickly deleted the photo – uploading it again alongside a series of other poolside images, with the “bent” edge cropped out.

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