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Outrage as woman told to ‘change’ gym shorts

1 month ago 26

A Sydney woman has revealed she was “asked to leave” her gym after being told her outfit was showing “so much skin”.

Gabi Goddard from Hornsby was wearing a pair of grey bike shorts and a black crop top on Friday when she said she was approached by a member of staff and asked to go home and “change” before she could continue her workout.

When she asked why, the 27-year-old was told a class of teenage schoolkids were being taught in the same fitness facility and the teacher was concerned about the “children seeing so much skin”.

Angry, Gabi shared a photo of her outfit on Instagram, stating it was a “hot day” and the gym had “no airconditioning on”.

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She also shared a screenshot of the complaint she sent to the school where the teacher worked, claiming the teacher behaved “inappropriately”.

“I am horrified that your school has sway over the clothing choices (and freedom to exercise) of an independent adult woman,” Gabi wrote.

“Moreover, your school is perpetuating the values (with real life consequences) that are demonstrably harmful. Namely that we live in a world where 14-year-old boys are given priority over women. Where women are punished for boy’s and men’s propensity for objectifying women.”

Gabi went on to say that her outfit was in “no way gratuitous” and violated “no dress codes”.

“I have worn such outfits at many gyms and never had a single complaint,” she said. “It is discouraging that this particular complaint came from a person charged with moulding our next generation into well-round (sic) adults, ones who respect women and shun rape culture.”

Gabi’s letter quickly caught attention, with her post being shared by well-known feminist Clementine Ford and the Instagram page The Nasty Woman Club.

“This stuff drives me crazy, I wouldn’t want my daughter being told what to wear by a stranger,” one person wrote on Instagram.

“This is infuriating, please tell us how we can support this complaint, I am outraged,” another said.

“I’m the mother of an 11yo boy and I expect no one to change their outfit for his benefit,” someone else added.

Others said they were “mad” and branded the situation “unacceptable”.

Gabi said many asked her why the gym owner didn’t stand up for her, explaining while they “absolutely should have” she was aware the owners had “struggled during COVID” and didn’t feel comfortable saying no to the teacher as it could jeopardise the gym’s contract with the school.

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Regardless, Gabi has since switched gyms, sharing a video of herself working out over the weekend in a pair of black and white stripped leggings and a blue crop top.

“Don’t look at my bum though,” she cheekily captioned the clip.

The incident comes just days after a British woman claimed she was told her hot pants were “too short” in a supermarket.

Lauren O’Connor went to UK supermarket Sainsbury’s on Wednesday in a pair of pink cotton shorts and a baggy striped T-shirt to buy some ice lollies as the country battles through a summer heatwave where temperatures peaked at 34C.

But her outfit was deemed inappropriate for a spot of grocery shopping, with Lauren revealing on Twitter she was approached by a staff member and told to “pull my T-shirt down”.

“I’m so angry right now. Just been approached by a @sainsburys staff member in Staines store to ‘pull my T-shirt down’.

“An elderly man made comment to staff member who felt compelled to come over and tell me as I was shopping. It’s 32 degrees. If I want to wear shorts I will,” she wrote.

“For reference, this is my outfit. All I wanted was ice lollies and I get shamed in store doing so.”

Lauren went on to state she was “disappointed” and asked when society was going to “stop telling women how to dress?”

“Especially when topless men frequent supermarkets, which I highly doubt are told to change,” she said.

Lauren ended by saying she was “livid” about the experience and felt “so tired of having to defend my existence and love of booty shorts”.

Many slammed the supermarket’s response to the outfit, labelling it “disgusting” and “unwarranted”.

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