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Parents stunned by dad’s clever trick to get baby to sleep

3 weeks ago 12

Sleep-deprived parents have tried every trick in the book to get their babies to nod off.

From rocking them to driving around aimlessly in the middle of the night – there’s nothing a desperate parent won’t do to get their little one snoozing.

But one dad may have just solved the all-too-familiar conundrum once and for all after testing out a bizarre trick on his baby daughter that saw the “sleepy” bub fall asleep almost instantly.

Austin Miles Geter, from Dallas, shared a clip on Facebook of him trying to soothe his newborn, Charlie, to sleep.

“So here we are – she keeps crying because I keep having to change positions but I know she’s sleepy,” he says, cradling his bub.

“But I heard if you gently rub their eyebrows they go to sleep. So I’m going to try it.”

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The tired dad then proceeds to gently rub little Charlie’s brows – and amazingly, her eyes begin to droop.

Seconds later, she falls asleep – and the video, captioned: “This trick actually worked really well. She was OUT,” has left other parents astonished.

Since it was shared on August 27, it has amassed more than 8000 comments and 31,000 likes, with most declaring the trick “genius”.

“Tried it on my youngest and it worked also loved between the eyebrows and down nose,” one said.

“This worked liked a charm for my son,” another added.

“I didn’t know this was a thing; it’s genius,” someone else declared.

Others said they had done it on their now fully grown kids and had learnt the trick from their parents.

“My kids are in there 30s and I used to do it to them when they were babies. Worked every time,” one wrote.

“I did that with my daughter – damn I can’t believe that was 20 years ago,” another said.

And some have tagged friends and family members with young kids, saying the tip would “come in useful”.

Some commented on the way Austin was cradling the child as holding a baby face out is unusual. The danger according to some experts comes from the fact it’s hard to support the baby’s legs – but Austin has accommodated for that by placing Charlie on his chest.

As well as sharing handy parenting tips, Austin is a YouTuber who has 45,000 subscribers to his channel where he shares humorous videos.

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