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People divided as Aldi sells $10 shopping baskets that ‘should be free’

3 weeks ago 14

It’s an item you’ll find at every supermarket entrance except for Aldi stores.

But despite not offering shoppers a basket to do their shopping with, the store will sell them one.

Among the items for sale in the German supermaket’s Special Buys on Wednesday, September 9, is a “collapsible basket with handles”.

Aldi is known for its unique shopping experience which includes groceries remaining in boxes on shelves and no packing services at the checkout, details the store have said in the past ensure “low prices”.

The blue item, a “Shopbox by Optibox”, costs $10 and can fold down flat when not in use.

While it’s definitely a handy item to do your shopping with, especially in the coronavirus era where we’re trying to avoid touching surfaces others have, some people have said it’s a little ironic the store is selling baskets when it only offers full-sized trolleys to customers.

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“Selling?????? WTF, seriously they should be free like other supermarkets,” one annoyed shopper wrote on Facebook.

“If you aren’t going to give baskets generally then supply smaller trolleys as an option – they are too big to navigate,” another said.

Another said: “How about they just supply them like normal stores.”

While one raged: “What’s the point? This is just stupid.”

However some saw the positives, pointing out it could help with the common scrambling scenario many experience at the checkouts.

“Just throw the basket in the car rather than spending time packing a bag,” one suggested on Facebook.

“It’s a good COVID-safe alternative,” another added.

Other shoppers cheekily suggested people simply “borrow” a basket from another supermarket chain and save themselves the cash.

Shoppers have long been divided over Aldi’s budget prices verses the “stressful” checkout experience.

Back in February one woman shared her solution to the speedy packing issue and verified it was true.

“You can actually request they slow down and they have to do it,” she wrote on Facebook in a post that attracted hundreds of comments.

An Aldi spokeswoman confirmed shoppers can ask for cashiers to slow down if they’re going too fast, adding it was “never our intention to cause customers stress at the checkout”.

Do you think Aldi should offer baskets at the front of its stores? Let us know in the comments below.

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