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Pete Evans joins ‘off-grid’ community in northern NSW

4 weeks ago 19

Former reality TV star Pete Evans has joined an alternative lifestyle community offering an “off-matrix” existence with no running water or electricity in northern NSW.

The chef-turned-conspiracy theorist invited his followers on Sunday night to “create a new lifestyle” at the Nightcap Village, which members call both a “community” and a “company”.

“This is walking it, this is living it. This is actually making a difference, I believe,” Evans said in a video shared with his 1.5 million Facebook followers. “And the difference it will make is showing that it can be done. Showing why it must be done, that it needs to be done, and for that to be replicated over and over and over. This should be shouted to everybody,” he said.

“Self-reliance, self-empowerment, connection to Earth, connection to spirit, connection to each other.

“There’s not much else to say, but I’m f***ing in,” he said.

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“We’re looking for like-minded people and rational people who can actually resonate with those types of thinking and those types of … that energy and mindset to achieve those common goals,” one member explained.

A YouTube trailer for the community said the Nightcap community offers people an opportunity to live “not off-grid so much, but off-matrix”.

The Nightcap Village has no running water, however there are creeks and dams with “good-quality” water dotted around the property, Nightcap’s website advises.

The individual plots also have no electricity, however a central shed on the property is connected to mains power. The possibility of having power to the sites is “still on the table for research and discussion,” according to the website.

A plan for the site is for people who buy a plot of land to be returned a dividend from businesses owned by the group each year, its members advised on YouTube. The businesses include a local petrol station and fruit shop near the remote community.

“It’s about giving, it’s about serving, it’s about everyone helping, it’s about everyone coming together, it’s about everyone sharing meals at the community hall, it’s about everyone supporting each other and buying things off each other, or teaching each other things,” a woman in Evans’ video explained.

While Evans himself remained vague in his own video, other videos reveal more about Nightcap Village.

Wellness coach and advocate for extreme fasting diets, Tyler Tolman, was more explicit about the plans for the site in a video on his own website.

“The vision here is to create a community where we can have about 300 sites to begin with and the idea is to be sustainable, so we can get off the grid,” Tolman said.

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Tolman, born in the US, runs a fasting program, called Heal Thy Self. He said as he moved in he was so inspired by one of the ridges near Mt Warning he decided to rename it Tolman Ridge.

“We don’t have power lines running along the property. We don’t have big sewage lines and water lines,” he said.

“Use solar panels, use compostable toilets,” he enthused, adding they planned to use other materials that were “recyclable” and “looking beautiful”.

The group’s members said they plan to begin farming in the area and produce enough food to be able to supply all the food to the surrounding area and “the local hospital”.

Nightcap originally announced Evans’ involvement in the project in early July, saying his influence would be a “momentous boost for the sales campaigns and the community moving forward”.

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