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Pete Evans labelled ‘hypocrite’ for COVID-19 safety measures in ‘healing clinic’

1 month ago 21

He’s been sprouting bizarre and potentially dangerous claims about the virus on his social media channels, stating “there is no pandemic”.

But now Pete Evans is being accused of being a “hypocrite” after photos of his new “healing clinic” in Byron Bay, NSW, show the business is following COVID-19 safe practices – including having a hand sanitiser station.

The clinic is yet to open its doors to clients, but preparation for those seeking Evans’ “transformational practises” at Evolve Health Labs is well underway.

While there is no suggestion Evans is doing wrong by adhering to the government’s social distancing measures – many have pointed out it goes against the statements the 47-year-old has made doubting the coronavirus is even real.

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A tweet posted earlier today calls out the former TV chef’s new business venture, labelling Evans a “hypocrite”.

“Pete Evans says #covid19 and wearing masks is all bulls**t. He wants you to march in the streets against conformity. But his new shop has distancing measures and sanitiser and he wears masks? Sucks when your heroes are hypocrites doesn’t it?” a tweet from @camliveshere read. has contacted Evans for comment.

While the front of the clinic can’t be seen in the snap, a distinctive logo on the reception desk where the sign is displayed is visible, and matches that featured on the clinic’s Instagram page.

As a result, others were quick to jump on board, accusing the anti-vaxxer turned conspiracy theorist of shunning his controversial views to make money.

One person said he “doesn’t want to lose $$$$” while another argued his bold statements about coronavirus were just for “attention”.

Since it was posted a few hours ago, the post has been shared and liked hundreds of times.

A close up image of the COVID-safe sign was shared in Blocked By Pete Evans Facebook group on August 16 where it has been labelled “ironic”.

“Oh the irony! This has made my day! He believes there is NO such thing as Covid19 (‘scamdemic’) yet here he is, supplying hand sanitiser, information and encouraging social distancing in his very own ‘wellness’ clinic! The hypocrisy,” one wrote.

“There are more ironies in Pete’s ‘one-stop’ woo shop than in Alanis Morissette’s song,” another mused.

“He pushes so hard for his disciples to say no, be woke and question everything ... but he bent over to become COVID-safe to make money from his flock. Hilarious really,” another commented.

Current COVID-19 guidelines from NSW Health state businesses can only operate under the one person per 4 square metre rule.

Most businesses are required to have a COVID-19 Safety Plan which includes practising stringent hygiene safety practices and offering customers access to hand sanitiser and face masks.

“Pete must be spitting kale infused chips over this,” one critic of the chef wrote.

“Funny how compliance is doable when one wants to run a business,” another said.

Some pointed out that at least his new health business – which he is opening despite having no medical qualifications – is following safety procedures.

The apparent compliance comes after Evans was fined $25,000 in April for spruiking a device on his website and in a Facebook Live that he claimed helped treat COVID-19.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has issued two infringement notices to the controversial health guru after receiving complaints about his promotion of the $14,990 “BioCharger” machine.

Since then he’s been sharing countless conspiracy theorist memes, one of which asked his 263,000 followers if COVID-19 was the “biggest scamdemic in history?”

While he often shares posts with fringe and discredited views on a number of topics, Evans often stops short of endorsing them himself instead asking his followers to discuss their contents.

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