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Photo behind mum’s 41kg weight loss

1 month ago 16

If you were to tell Joanna Lloyd just a few years ago she would be wearing a swimsuit today, her answer would be “no way”.

The mother-of-two would often disguise her body by wearing baggy clothes and if she had to go to the beach, she would resort to a pair of shorts or loose T-shirt.

But today the 42-year-old is a confident “new” woman after losing 41kg.

Ms Lloyd showed off her stunning transformation in a recent swimsuit photo shoot, telling she feels “absolutely amazing”.

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Before she started her weight loss journey with The Healthy Mummy in 2016, the Geelong, Victoria mum was a size 18-20 with her diet mainly consisting of sweets and fast-food.

Within one year, she went down to a slim size 6, losing a total of 41kg and has maintained her new lifestyle ever since.

“I was shocked,” she said. “I thought you had to eat nothing to lose weight but I am eating more than before — I just having proper-sized portions, healthier meals and I cut out sugar.”

Ms Lloyd would never make home-cooked meals, instead she would opt for easy-to-make frozen foods and admittedly, would hide packets of lollies in her car’s centre console.

However, it took one photo, which Ms Lloyd described as a “light-bulb” moment which sparked her weight loss journey.

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“I squeezed myself into a size 14 City Chic dress for my cousin’s wedding and when I got the photos back, I thought to myself, 'wow, you are not going to be around for your two boys if you don’t try change your life’.”

To transform her body, Ms Lloyd explained that she swapped the convenience and packaged foods she so often relied on for home-prepped meals cooked from scratch.

“This was one of the biggest challenges,” she said. “Learning to cook from scratch and in bulk for the week. Before this I never meal prepped.”

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Now, you will find her freezer filled with homemade dishes from soups, protein-based meals with vegetables, salads and Healthy Mummy smoothies for when she’s on the go.

“Lunch is usually a wrap or soup, before I have a Healthy Mummy snack bar to help to curb those 3pm sugar cravings,” she said.

Although she never denies herself when it comes to dessert, opting for a Snickers mousse or choc mousse with berries.

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Alongside her healthier diet, Ms Lloyd said she never skips her cardio sessions.

While she has never stepped foot into a gym, you will find her going a half an hour session each day on her treadmill.

“I also do the Healthy Mummy app cardio workouts,” she said.

Ms Lloyd was delighted recently to be a guest at a wedding and slip into a size 6 full-length gown.

When it comes to her advice, the mum said setting small goals is key.

“It’s all about taking it day by day,” Ms Lloyd said.

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