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Shock changes to Vic lockdown rules

1 week ago 5

Regional Victoria is set to “significantly” open up over the next few days ahead of the rest of the state.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews shared the shock announcement on Saturday that regional Victoria will beat Melbourne at easing out of lockdown, with changes to be made in a matter of days.

He said Melbourne should look to regional Victoria for inspiration, with only 58 cases now active outside of the metro area.

“Regional Victoria is on track to take not one but two steps, by the middle of next week,” he said.

“They will be, essentially, open.

“That is proof positive to every single regional Victorian that we can drive these numbers down, we can open up.

“I want to congratulate every single regional Victorian on the part they’re playing in that.

“It’s the product of enormous sacrifice and hard work, that each and every Victorian that is following the work and playing their part.

“It makes you proud.”

He said new case in the town of Echuca flagged recently was a false positive.

“We’re very pleased about that.”

Mr Andrews also announced two key changes to rules in Melbourne.

The first is that contactless pet grooming will be allowed in the “second step” of the roadmap to recovery, from September 28.

“It must be a venue, it cannot be a mobile pet grooming business,” he said.

Owners will be able to drop their pets off for grooming and pick them up afterwards without risk, he said.

The second major change is that beauty services will join hairdressers in re-opening in the “third step” of the restrictions easing plan.

Before Saturday, beauty and personal services were among the last businesses allowed to reopen.

But now beauty and personal services, and hairdressers, will be allowed to open from October 26.

However, the change only applies to services were a mask can be worn.

“This means that facials, face tattoos, face piercings cannot occur,” he said. “But other services will be able to open.”

“There’s been many in the beauty and personal care sector who have been working with us … and I want to thank them.”

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