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Shopper claims $10 Kmart towels are ‘better than’ Sheridan ones

1 month ago 10

There’s the saying, “you pay for what you get”, but as one woman discovered, it doesn’t always have to burn a hole in your wallet.

Unfortunately, bath towels can often be an expensive purchase, especially if you’re after ones that are soft and gentle on your skin.

However, a Sydney shopper who had previously spent $50 on single bath towels from Sheridan, has claimed her $10 Kmart towels are “just as good”.

In order to determine the quality of the budget item – which is made from 100 per cent Australian cotton – the woman tossed it in the washing and compared it to her high-end product.

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Taking to the popular Facebook group, Kmart Hacks & Decor, she then shared “before” and “after” images revealing she was pleasantly surprised by the “beautiful” and luxurious results.

“The other day on a Kmart shopping trip I was looking at towels, I noticed they had two types – one really cheap and then they have these $10 to $13 towels which are still cheap, but when I picked it up, it was beautiful,” she wrote.

“So I thought I’d buy one and wash it and see what happens and see how good it is.”

The woman said she noticed the Kmart towels were just as “fluffier” and “softer” as her Sheridan version.

“I have purchased a few Sheridan towels. I love a really good quality towel Sheridan towels cost me $50 each and that was on sale,” she explained.

“I actually feel that the $10 Kmart towel is just as good, if not better than my expensive Sheridan towels.”

After alerting the members to the quality of the towels in both images, she recommend “everyone go and get themselves some $10 towels from Kmart” adding, “you will not be disappointed”.

Her post has since attracted more than 800 likes and hundreds of comments from shoppers equally as amazed by the quality of the affordable item.

“I have these towels and love them,” one member wrote.

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“I brought these too and they are so thick and luscious. You have the luxury of an expensive towel without the price tag. They have been washed many, many times and still the same as the day I brought them,” another woman said.

However, not everyone is a fan, with one shopper claiming the towel “leaves fluff all over me no matter how long I’ve had them”.

“They’re a hard pass for me,” she added.

“Nope! Sheridan would always win for me,” a second person said. “They might hold their integrity after 30 washes but long term I know they wouldn’t hold up like a higher quality brand.

“Sheridan towels are the best … the secret ladies is to wash your towels in wool wash — they will be amazing fluffy forever,” one member advised, while another added Sheridan towels last longer if “cared for properly”.

“Remember never use fabric softener on towels,” the woman added.

Another claimed to have had her Sheridan towel for 22 years which is still in great condition.

“I also have a Sheridan towel that’s looking good after 20 years,” posted another shopper.

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