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Terminally ill dad and pregnant fiance get money needed to get home from Mexico

1 month ago 19

An Aussie couple - one of them terminally ill and the other heavily pregnant - stranded in Mexico, a world away from their children, have been left in shock.

An anonymous benefactor has donated the $40,000 Jay Morrow and his fiancee Bec Paton need to get home to their daughters after leaving the country with a special exemption earlier this month.

The Melbourne couple had travelled to Mexico in a last bid attempt to treat Mr Morrow’s aggressive liver cancer.

The couple found out 15 minutes before an interview on the Today show this morning that they wouldn’t have to keep trying to raise funds for flights themselves.

“It’s amazing,” Ms Paton said, crying, causing host Ali Langdon to get emotional too.

“We’re still very much in shock. It’s so much to take in. We’re so grateful.”

The couple were told the news on Triple M this morning.

An unnamed philanthropist got on to Eddie McGuire and told him to get in contact with the couple to tell them that she would fund their trip home.

“Not only is she prepared to put up up to $50,000 to get you home, cash, but she is also offering her support as far as getting the travel agency sorted out and any other support she can possibly give,” McGuire said.

“And I can tell you she’s got the horsepower to give you a fair bit of support too, this particular person.”

Mr Morrow said he had been doing eight hours of treatment in Cancun and then returned home to stressfully search for a way to get home.

The exorbitant price tag for airfares is because airlines are only offering business class seats.

“Everyone has been so generous to try and get me here to get the treatment, and then we had a GoFundMe page,” Mr Morrow told Today.

“We can put a stop to them now because of this amazing person.”

Ms Paton said she was so scared they were going to have to have their baby in Mexico.

Mr Morrow said his treatment had been “amazing”. He said it involved holistic, natural-type therapies.

He said his latest test results were positive, showing his tumour had shrunk 10 per cent.

Friends and family raised more than $60,000 on a crowd-funding page for the treatment at the Hope4Cancer centre.

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