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This $6 Aldi shiraz has impressed self-confessed ‘wine snobs’

1 month ago 21

A self-confessed “wine snob” has raved about a $6 bottle of Aldi shiraz, even comparing it to more expensive drops from Penfolds.

The woman posted on Facebook about the German supermarket’s “Small Talk” Shiraz, writing that she “highly recommends” the 1 litre bottle from the budget store.

“I’m a total red wine snob, Penfolds come at me! My friend got me into this and for $6 for a 1L bottle seriously get out of town I’m hooked! Highly recommend guys,” she wrote in the Aldi Mums Facebook group.

A premium Penfolds shiraz can sell for as much $220 a bottle depending on the vintage (the label is famous for its Grange wine) although it has cheaper options for less than $20.

Her post has sparked an outpouring of support from fellow wine drinkers who said it was a “fabulous” drink.

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It’s also been widely praised on wine reviews website Vivino where it has been described as “sensational value” and “very easy to drink”.

“Wow, not bad for $6. Very easy to drink, nothing sinister, pleasant straight out of the bottle and a nice aftertaste. A bit thin but maybe that’s its age,” one wrote.

“Sensational value for money quaffer from Aldi,” another said.

“Very pleasantly surprised … at $6 per 1L bottle at Aldi … is a winner,” someone else declared.

On Facebook others have been sharing their favourite wine varieties at the discount store, with One Road and Little Birdwood shiraz’s also proving popular.

“This Little Birdwood Shiraz from Aldi is not a bad drop for $4.99. I’ve tried the other more expensive ones from there, but find this one better. Normally look at spending between $10-$15 on a nice red, but when times are tough, you can’t fault this red,” one wrote.

“For those who love Shiraz. This is one of my favs,” another said, posting a photo of the One Road bottle.

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Aldi’s One Road Shiraz has actually beaten expensive bottles that cost more than $150 in blind taste tests, taking out the gold award in the 2017 Great Australian Shiraz Challenge.

It also won a trophy for ‘Best Medium Bodied Dry Red Wine’ at the Sydney International Wine Competition that same year.

Recently Aldi food items have been proving very popular with shoppers, with a new chocolate bar being described as “ better than Cadbury online.

The new $2.99 Choceur Hazelnut Creme bar was compared to Cadbury Marble and those “old school seashell chocolates” by Instagram user @erin_ilovecooking.

“Everyone agrees that Aldi chocolate is the best kept secret,” she told

The bar comes in a pack of five mini chocolate blocks and according to Aldi’s website, the creamy milk chocolate is filled with a “delicious hazelnut crème”.

The 200g pack of chocolates also happen to be 50c cheaper than its named rival, Cadbury Marble, making for an even sweeter purchase.

There are 19 other flavours of Choceur to choose from, including white chocolate, marzipan, almond and more recently salted pretzel which according to some, tastes so good it is “better than sex”.

What’s your favourite Aldi product? Let us know in the comments below.

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