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Trick to make ‘perfect’ $3 Coles item

1 month ago 20

Just when you think an airfyer couldn’t be any more versatile, an Aussie woman has proved its worth yet again.

TikTok user Eden, who is known to her more than 660,000 followers as eden_scaife, left the internet stunned when she transformed her $3 Coles donuts into mouth-watering treats using the appliance.

In a video shared to her page, Eden explains how she likes to keep the pack of 12 cinnamon donuts in the freezer.

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After they become hard, she then takes them out of the freezer and pops them into an airfryer to begin making what some have described as the “perfect” donut.

“If you have an airfyer, you need to try this,” she says in the clip.

“I keep the $3 Cinnamon Donuts from Coles in my freezer for whenever I want them.”

After she becomes tempted by the rounded treat, Eden then puts a couple in the airfryer frozen at 180 degrees.

“I literally just put them in for five minutes and then we wait,” she explains.

“And then when they’re all done they’re going to be crispy on the outside and still soft on the inside.”

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Once she takes them out and pops them on a plate, she then coats them with extra cinnamon sugar, because … “it’s just the best”.

And hundreds of people agree.

Her video, which has been viewed more than half a million times and has attracted 40,000 likes, has been inundated with comments branding her trick as “magic”.

“You can FREEZE DONUTS?” one shocked TikTok user asked.

“You’re a genius,” said another.

“You’ve just changed my life,” a third person commented, while another wrote, “Air fryers are the best investment”.

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Those who have tried it explained other ways to eat the warm, crispy treat.

“Cut them in half and put nutella in them … bliss,” one man wrote.

“Try adding maple syrup and ice cream,” another recommended.

“So I guess I am stopping at Coles on the way home from work tonight,” a third person joked.

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Earlier this month, another TikTok user who also happens to be a Woolworths staffer had his lava cake trick also go viral.

Liam, who goes by the name of ashe_media on the social media platform, captioned the post “Woolworths products you have to try”.

“So in the freezer section for $4 you can get Belgium Chocolate Lava Cakes and they’re really nice,” Liam said in the clip.

“You put it in the microwave for 30 seconds on the side of the plate – oh look at it cook, it’s so beautiful.”

After carefully taking it out of the microwave, Liam then poured cream over the dessert showing viewers the action in slow motion.

He then cut into it and watched as the melted chocolate oozed out.

The clip has since been viewed more than 234,000 times with many TikTok users unaware the product even existed.

“I work at woolies and I’ve never seen this!!!!!! Where abouts do you find them!!! They look so good,” one person wrote.

“Haven’t seen these in store before,” wrote another.

“The lava cake is the definition of heaven! That’s why I pick woolies lol,” a third joked.

In June, people also lost their minds over Woolworths’ new limited edition Cookies & Cream Mudcake.

That month, the $4.80 item hit stores nationwide and shoppers were eager to get their hands on the “amazing” treat.

An Aussie man posted about his excitement in nabbing the dessert after two days of trying, in a now viral TikTok video.

“I GOT ONE! the new Woolworths Cookies n Cream Mudcake SUCCESS!” he captioned the video.

“They were all sold out yesterday – oh but not today,” he added, while cheerfully reaching for the limited edition cake. “Look how good that looks.”

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