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Victoria records 208 new COVID cases, 17 deaths

1 month ago 19

Victoria coronavirus death toll has climbed past 400 after the state’s latest figures were released, as authorities investigate outbreaks at two Melbourne hospitals.

Victoria’s coronavirus death toll has surpassed 400 as the state announced 17 new deaths on Sunday as case numbers once again jumped.

There were 208 cases new cases of the virus detected in the past 24 hours, the state’s health department confirmed.

Another 17 people died as a result of the virus which brought the total deaths to 415.

The figures come after the state recorded 182 cases and 13 deaths on Saturday.

Positive cases have been linked to Dandenong Hospital and Cabrini Hospital in Malvern.

Channel 10’s The Masked Singer was forced to shut down production on Saturday after seven crew members tested positive to the virus, sending everyone working on the show, including host Osher Gunsberg.

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