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Victoria records 81 cases, 59 deaths

3 weeks ago 13

Victoria has recorded 81 new cases and 59 deaths, according to reports from Sky News.

It’s the biggest daily death toll the state has seen so far, taking Victoria’s death toll to 660 - although a number of those deaths did not all occur in the past 24 hours.

Victoria’s previous highest daily death toll was 41 on Monday, but the Premier confirmed a backlog in the recording of fatalities meant 33 deaths had actually occurred in the days prior to August 31.

In the days leading up to Friday, each daily death count has included fatalities beyond a 24-hour period.

It comes as anti-lockdown protesters threaten to take to the streets in Melbourne over the weekend.
But Victoria Police and its association have urged protesters to reconsider their plans.
“Victoria Police have been clear they will target the organisers and they will certainly target attendees of these protests,” Police Association of Victoria secretary Wayne Gatt said.
“I think the overwhelming majority of Victorians in the community are probably saying ‘We are just about there guys, we are nearly there, we see light at the end of the tunnel, please don’t get in the way of us getting on with the rest of our lives’.
“They (Police) don’t want anyone there, they want to go home and listen in intently to the government’s announcements on Sunday to understand exactly what’s in store for us, as hopefully we hear a pathway of getting out of this.”

Premier Daniel Andrews will front the media later today.

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