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Victorians told to ‘boot Dan out’ in new lockdown protest

2 weeks ago 5

Victorians have responded in the thousands to place a pair of boots outside their front doors on Sunday in protest of Premier Daniel Andrews.

After mass arrests at an anti-lockdown protest over the weekend, fringe political group Victoria Forward, run by 19-year-old Trump supporter and Liberal Party member Edward Bourke, created a Facebook event called “Give Dan The Boot: Protest From Home”.

Within hours, 2700 people had said they would take part, while a further 5200 were “interested”.

“It‘s time to stand up to Daniel Andrews, and now you can do it from home,” the event description reads.

“Please place a pair of boots or shoes at your front gate or around your fence this Sunday, 13th of September and post a photo to this event or use the tag #GiveDanTheBoot.”

According to the event page, images of boots outside the homes of Victorians would “decisively convey that the Victorian people have no faith in the Premier”.

The recent and highly publicised arrests of protest organisers in recent weeks appear to have come into consideration, with a disclaimer at the end of the description noting the protest was “100 per cent compliant with COVID-19 guidelines, protecting participants from police involvement”.

An anti-lockdown protest in the Melbourne CBD on Saturday ended with 17 arrests, more than 160 fines, a police officer assaulted.

Police said on the weekend there would be further investigation in the hopes of finding offenders who were not arrested at the scene.

Last month, the pregnant organiser of a separate protest was arrested in her pyjamas at her home for incitement, with footage of the incident going viral on social media.

Mr Bourke is a member of the Liberal Party, and became the Male Vice-Chair at the party’s Sunbury Branch in December last year.

He achieved notoriety after an interview with VICE in 2016, where he revealed his support for Donald Trump, particularly his policies on immigration.

‘We shouldn’t be letting everyone into the country because then you’ll end up in a position like Germany where you have a lot of people in the country that aren’t adding value,’ he said.

The budding politician said he also wanted to end up working in Britan’s House of Lords, claiming their political system was better than Australia’s.

Two years later, he told VICE he felt “let down” by Trump, because he had moved too far to the left of politics.

“Well I think it’s pretty concerning… Trump seems to be dragging his policies more and more to the left,” he said.

“And I think that’s particularly concerning because I think he’s alienating his core conservatives.”

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